Common Job Positions through a Golf Shop

There are fantastic job opportunities in the game of golf, regardless of your level of qualification. In other words, you can secure a job position on a golf course but, at times, through a golf shop. Moreover, the golf business has grown to become one of the most lucrative sports industries globally. According to the USA Bureau of Labor Statistics report, over 300,000 people were recruited on golf courses in 2017. And presently, the number should have significantly increased.

This number may vary by country, but one can still understand the distribution of opportunities worldwide. At the same time, not all golf courses need as many people. But big golf businesses with a pro shop and a golf course will need hands to handle different aspects of the industry. For instance, making reservations, selling the pro golf items, collecting green fees, and tending the golf course. This article shares some detailed descriptions of the kinds of jobs available on golf courses and in the golf business generally. click here to learn about Best Golf Shops with Lowest Discounted Prices.

Golf Shop

Descriptions of Jobs in Pro Golf Shops

1. Golf Caddy

The job of golf caddies is to assist golfers in carrying their bags and perform other basic game-related tasks. For instance, the caddy is the one who hands over the needed golf club type to the professional golfer while on the course. In turn, they collect the club that is no longer in use and keeps them back inside the bag. Before each hole that a golfer needs to play, the caddy must clean up the ball and the clubs to ensure everything is set before the golfer attempts it.

Furthermore, finding the range with an automatic rangefinder tool is the caddy’s job, which measures the distance between the green and the ball in play. If there are rangefinders, the caddy may have to use a manual mathematical method to calculate the space while using the distance markers noted along the fairways of play. Before a golfer makes a final putt, the caddy must remove and replace the flagstick as need be.

If a golfer mistakenly lands the ball in a sand trap in the course of pay, then the caddy has the job of restoring the surface of the land by raking in the sand after the shot. Suppose a golfer makes a divot in the fairway while taking a picture. In that case, the caddy uses the divot tool to repair the green portion and plug in a patch of grass to fully restore the amount. Concerning some of the timing and the required expertise of the job of caddies, golfers usually prefer caddies who have a sound knowledge of the game of golf itself. An experienced caddy can earn an average sum of $35,000 per annum in terms of salary. 

2. Golf Ball Harvester

A golf ball harvester is another essential personality while the game of golf is on. The main job of a golf ball harvester is to find balls stuck under challenging places, such as the murky waters in a golf course. In addition, a harvester may need to work independently, for a paid service, or as part of a team of 3-4 people. When a ball falls into the water, the golf ball harvester dives into the ponds to retrieve the ball. Before that, a harvester is usually readily equipped with scuba gear because they can spend up to 10 hours per day under the water. 

Harvester also can usually go as deep as the bottom of the pool of water to retrieve the ball. Ball retrieval can be by hand or with metal discs, rollers cables, and winches, just to recover the balls. Moreover, golf courses may also require harvesters to make assets by washing, packaging, and reselling retrieved balls. After all, the balls are usually retrieved much later after the day. According to the US BLS, as of 2019, commercial divers can earn a median salary of about $59,000. On some occasions, ball harvesters may be paid with the balls they recover, which they can wash and sell.

3. Golf Course Greenskeeper

Any golf course that will last and stay in good shape needs to recruit a golf course greenskeeper. These keepers’ job is to take care of the fairways, greens, roughs, provision to water and sand traps. They care for the benches and tee markers while fixing course fixtures and any hole on the greens. They also prune the hedges, tend the flowerbeds and trim the trees to shape. At times, their job may include moving the green lawn, regular watering, and applying herbicides and fertilizers to the field.

Due to the supposed complexity of the greenskeeper’s work, they require to work as a team. In contrast, the head greenskeeper coordinates and manages the other workers. He may also have to create a good work plan for a month or a year while overseeing the supplies and implementing the budget for their department. There may also be room for occasional training programs to ensure that staff members are kept up to date with the running of affairs and compliance with environmental rules governing their job.

This job requires more physical and technical skills than educational background. It, therefore, demands a minimum of a high school certificate to apply. Many times, employers may favor less qualified applicants who have a certification in landscaping. Mind you, in most governments, there is a required certification for the application of fertilizers and herbicides in the environment. Greenskeepers’ work is measured in hours, and they can earn up to $15 per hour.

4. Golf Professionals

The final type of job we will be discussing is the Golf professional, or simply, Golf Pros. These individuals are members of the Professional Golfers’ Association, comprising professionals with college degrees. They may have completed the PGA Professional Golf Management Program. If in the US, the job will require a US Golf Teaching Federation Certification. The primary job of a Golf Pro is to mentor and guide individuals or small groups in golf.

As a starter, golf requires experience to learn some fundamental aspects of the game or improve your existing techniques. Therefore, the Golf Pros are in charge of golf workshops, golf tournaments, and summer sports camps for children. At times, some private golf clubs may even allow golf pros to manage golf operations, such as supervising the pro shop employees’ affairs and managing tee time schedules. Golf pros may also be assigned some managerial or administrative duties.

Playing Golf


Whichever job you think you can do on the golf course or in the golf business, now you are familiar with 4 common types of jobs to try. There is inarguably ample space for anyone aspires to build a career in the golf business and earn a good life. Meanwhile, note that only one of the jobs requires a college degree. The rest value your experience in golf and golf-related duties than a college degree. 

Best Golf Shops with Lowest Discounted Prices

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